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Our Values  

 "NZ Baby Buggy Co. values the journey growing families take, big and small, day by day, year in and year out.  

For this reason we are committed to supporting your growing family by delivering a, durable baby travel system"....Patricia Court, Director 

Where we begin


After being presented with an 

opportunity to assemble NZ designed baby buggy frames, componentry and parts that were in storage in a redundant workshop in the Horowhenua, NZ Baby buggy Co. was conceived in March 2015.


The prospect of delivering a comfortable, baby buggy system made for strength and durability at an affordable price for NZ families was too good to turn down.


NZ Baby Buggy Co. is proud to offer NZ families a baby travel system which is made to last the distance.

Ongoing support


We value and understand the journeys that growing families take every day, from the smallest footsteps to the largest leaps. When you buy with us, we will continue to back your family’s journey with continued service and support for your NZ Baby Buggy purchase.